Soy-germ oil

Soy-germ oil with vitamins A, D and E

Highest quality cold-pressed soy-germ oil. Easily digested so the animal can immediately assimilate the vitamins and nutrients. The most important vitamins are A, D and E. These are fat-soluble and pass from the oil straight into the animal. Good for skin, mucous membranes and the immune system. soy-germ oil also contains all the linolenic and linoleic acids and inositol (sometimes known as the coat vitamins). The effect is visible on the coat within 5-7 days. Itching and scurf disappear.

Wheat-germ oil also contains lecithin, which strengthens all muscles (including the heart), the liver and the kidneys so they function at their peak. Lecithin stimulates the conversion of protein to muscle. Lecithin means the muscles recover faster after exertion. Lecithin is also very appetising to dogs. Soy-germ oil should be given to all dogs to ensure their health. The soy-germ oil means the dog can better assimilate proteins and increase performance.

SOY-GERM OIL dosage:

Small dogs

1/2-1 tsp

Medium-large dogs

2 tsp

Large dogs

3 tsp

Mixed with the main meal

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Soy-germ Oil 500 ml



Soy-germ Oil 1 litre



Soy-germ Oil 2.5 litres



Soy-germ Oil 5 litres



Wheat-germ oil 250 ml, Skillingaryd



Wheat-germ oil 500 ml, Skillingaryd


Which ement for what dog?

Soy-germ oil is given to all dogs. It is most important during the dog's first year of growth. Brewer's yeast is given to all hard-working dogs such as guard dogs, hunting dogs, working dogs, draught dogs and racing dogs (combined with Soy-germ oil). Hard working dogs need above all the vitamin B supplements in brewer's yeast. Brewer's yeast is also given to show dogs because it improves colouring and coat shine. Very active dogs also require brewer's yeast because they metabolise large amounts of B vitamins

Blood powder is given to primarily to hard-working dogs. These dogs benefit from soy-germ oil, brewer's yeast and blood powder. This combination + good food is the best a dog can be given. For the best coat, exchange the brewer's yeast for Pälsvital, which in addition to providing B vitamins also stimulate fur-growth.


Vitamin B complex

Dogs need B vitamins to avoid problems such as stress, lack of vitality, dull coat and subsequent hair-loss. See also Brewer's yeast.

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Vitamin B Complex 50 ml



Calcium supplement

The calcium supplement is given to bitches in connection with whelping and to growing dogs to ensure strong skeletons and teeth. One tsp (5 ml) provides 370 mg calcium. Preferably, dissolve the calcium supplement in warm water and mix into the food.

Dosage: For medium-large dogs 20-25 kg: 1 tsp (5 ml) per day.

For bitches: Double dose from mating and throughout lactation. Ideally the bitch should receive vitamin C at the same time. It strengthens the immune system.

Bitches with calcium deficiency: 1 tsp (5 ml) three times per day. The dose is altered in proportion for dogs of other sizes.

Calcium deficiency in bitches should be prevented because acute calcium deficiency leads to death if untreated. The symptoms are fever and bad balance. Drip-feeding is the only remedy. Long labours and many puppies can lead to calcium deficiency even when the bitch is getting a calcium supplement. Emergency veterinary treatment if symptoms are showing.

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Calcium Supplement, 600 gram



Calcium Supplement, 1200 gram



Bogena Pälsvital for dogs

BOGENA PÄLSVITAL is a vitamin preparation to mix with the dog's food. It checks hair-loss and gives a much more attractive and glossy coat. The improvement to the coat shows in just a few weeks.

Contains growth-promoting substances and the building materials for the coat: essential fatty acids, calcium, vitamins, biotin, trace elements, zinc and linoleic and linolenic acids. Bogena Pälsvital for dogs is economical.

Measuring spoon (1 g) inside the container.

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Pälsvital for dogs, 100 g (preferably order 6-pack)



Pälsvital kennel pack, 500 g



Arctic Macroalgae

. Counteracts itching, eczema, hair-loss, poor coat, stomach/intestinal disorders, unexplained lameness, poor general condition, poor colouring, etc. Mix the algae with the food.

These problems are usually caused by a lack of some substance in the body. Our intensive agriculture has depleted the soil, so certain minerals and vitamins are no longer present and will therefore no longer be found in the crops and meat that we and our dogs eat.

These Arctic macroalgae accumulate over one hundred of nature's minerals, proteins, vitamins and trace elements. Even vitamin B12, which does not exist in any land plants, is found in algae.

This is completely pure, health-food quality, Ascophyllium Nodosum algae from the Arctic. Take 1-2 1 ml measures yourself each day. This is the same product as is made into tablets and sold for thirty times more by the health food trade.

Dosage: Start with one 1 ml measure morning and evening for a week. If the dog lacks any minerals he may itch a little for a few days. Then increase to the full dosage:

Small dog

1 level tsp per day (3,5 ml)

Medium-large and large dogs

2 level tsp per day (7 ml)

Cats, rabbits and guinea pigs

1/2 level tsp per day (2,5 ml)

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Algae 400 g



Algae 1 kg



Algae 2.2 kg



Algae 4 kg



Algae 25 kg sack



Vitamin C

. Strand's Vitamin C is a patented calcium ascorbate. It makes the body's uptake of vitamin C more effective. Calcium ascorbate is neutral. You cannot overdose. We recommend this type of vitamin C instead of ascorbic acid. If you want to stock other brands, we recommend Ester-C 500 mg, which also contains calcium ascorbate and is equally effective.

Vitamin C is essential for dogs. Vitamin C strengthens the immune system and helps nutrient uptake, which often becomes apparent as a better coat within a month.

Some times mysterious eczema and problems disappear with the use of C-vitamin. Many breeders give C-vitamin to dogs during growth to prevent problems with the hipjoint. The effect has not been proven scientifically but research is being done. In the USA test are being made where old working dogs with hipjoint problems is given between 500 mg and 2000 mg per day. It is also usual to give bitches C-vitamin two weeks before giving birth and during breast-feeding together with lime and E-vitamin.

Dosage: For medium-large and large dogs: 1 tablet per day from five weeks' old, most important for the first year. Small dogs have half the dose. Humans take 1 tablet per day.

0.75 ml of vitamin C powder is the equivalent of one tablet.

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Vitamin C, 100 tablets @ 500 mg



Vitamin C powder, 200 g



Vitamin C powder, 600 g



Garlic powder

Flavours the food so that is tastier for dogs. Counteracts colds and infections. Good effect on coughs, bronchitis, asthma and throat and stomach problems. Garlic contains allicin, which is nature's own antibiotic against viruses and bacteria. Dogs that eat garlic also have less trouble with ticks and flies. There is also some effect against mosquitoes and gnats. Gives the dog better resistance and prevents unnecessary periods of malaise.

Dosage: 1/2 - 1 measure (5-10 ml) for medium-large and large dogs, half as much for small dogs, mixed with food.

During 1995 we used garlic powder for all the service dogs in the kennels. The flies left the dogs alone throughout the summer. They lost interest in the dogs' faeces. We did not have a single tick, and we had no ear, nose or throat infections and no intestinal upsets.

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Garlic Powder 225 g (0.5 litre)



Garlic Powder 450 g (1 litre)



Garlic Powder 1 kg (2.5 litres)



Powdered blood

For the dog's health and condition

1-2 tablespoons per day sprinkled over the food. Increases the dig's appetite by giving the food the flavour of blood. Contains iron, 90% protein and many other nutrients such as haemoglobin (red blood cells). The strongest and most easily assimilated iron preparation on the market. Cannot be overdosed. Keeps the dog in form and ensures the iron requirement is met. Recommended particularly for racing, hunting and other hard-working dogs.


1 tbs......................15 ml

1 tsp........................5 ml

1 dessert spoon.......7,5 ml

1 coffe spoon..........2,5 ml

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Powdered Blood 1 kg (approx. 2 litres)



Brewer's yeast

.is B vitamins in easily assimilated form that passes straight into the system. A pure natural product that works better than taking vitamins separately, or mixing powders or tablets.

1 tablespoon per day for a medium-large dog. Hunting and racing dogs have a triple dose. Can be overdosed without problems. Stimulates the metabolism and appetite. Keeps muscles supple and in trim. Counteracts stiff muscles, provides energy and the B vitamins. Keeps the dog in optimum condition and improves the quality of the coat. Eliminates "coursing thirst" in racing and hunting dogs. Very important during the hunt when the hunting dog is pushed hard.

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Brewer's Yeast 1 kg (approx. 1.5 litres)




.stimulates the growth of the coat and claws of dogs and cats. Biotin speeds the growth of the coat but does not contain any of the materials for making the coat. Biotin + Soy-germ Oil with Lecithin are recommended for a dry and dull coat or a dry and scurfy dog.

Dosage: The powder should be given once a day in the food or dissolved in water. Can be given all year round.

Ingredients: Dextrose, Biotin (vitamin H)




Small breeds

2.5-6 kg


Medium-large breeds

7-19 kg


Large breeds

20-39 kg


Very large breeds

40-70 kg



0.5-10 kg


1 scoop contains 5 g Biotin.
Scoop is in the container.

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Biotin 500 g



No smell

.No Smell neutralises up to 95% of the odour from a bitch on heat. The male dog gets less interested or completely uninterested. The bitch most still be cept in a leash as the only thing affected is the smell and not the bitchs behaviour. Also helps counteract bad breath. A pure natural product based on chlorophyll. If you have both a bitch and a male dog, No Smell is really fantastic.



1 tablet 4 times per day

Young dogs

2 tablets 4 times per day

Adult dogs

3 tablets 4 times per day

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No Smell 120 tablets