Spit-Out collar


Dog Security Spit-Out Collar
Available in 3 sizes, S-M-L Malinois/GSD/Rottweiler

Police/protection dogs are tough, powerful dogs, and they're intense and focused when they bite. The obvious way to teach them to release from a bite is to inflict pain. Up until now, owners and trainers have been forced to use a spike collar. Resisting the collar gives such dogs a great deal of pain.

The Spit-Out collar works by stimulating the vomiting reflex (throwing up from stomach). This collar is a pain-free alternative to teach the dog to release the bite on command. It works well despite fact that the dog is in drive or in strong positive stress, e.g., very committed to attack the helper he is transporting. When the Spit-Out collar is used (bringing "unpleasantness"), the dog's vomiting reflex is stimulated.

Instructions for using the Spit-Out collar

The collar is put far forward on the neck, in front of the "Adamís apple." Then one tightens the collar so it stays on place. Note: do not tighten too much, because if a dog is in drive and barks at the helper, this can also stimulate the vomiting reflex. Tighten only so the collar stays in the right place.

Spit-out sleeve training (release bite)

The dog has learned to bite and to have a good bite. He has also learned the "hold and bark." The dog must know what to do when he has spit out the sleeve.

During earlier training the helper--when the dog was in the bite mode--used his other arm and touched the dog on the neck, etc. So the dog is used to the fact that the helper's free arm is around the neck.

When the dog bites, it gets a command from handler to spit out. If he does not, the helper carefully lifts the collar (no force) so the vomit reflex starts and the dog spits out. Then the helper stimulates the dog to start the "hold and bark" work.


The dog should heel while walking/transporting the helper. He wants so much to bite the helper and it's difficult for him to heel correctly.

If the dog goes out of his position, the handler lifts the collar slightly (which is in the right place) so the vomit reflex starts. This is unpleasant for the dog, who then quickly starts to go to the right place. It's much better to use the Spit-Out collar than to give correction by pain, which only makes the dog more stressed.


The collar can be used to correct heeling problems with positioning. It's not for training; use it only to fix specific problems.

Generally, the collar shall not be used much and is not needed much.

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